Hello Everyone

1:10:00 PM

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog.

On this page you will see a bit of everything.

Fashion reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, fashion posts , celebrities my life , etc.

I used to be glitter and gloves but i thought it was time for a change and i love all things fairytales and wonderland so i thought it would be the perfect name.

I hope you enjoy my blog and let me know any fashion, beauty suggestions you will like me to talk about.

Also my blog isnt pretty at the moment its because i just made it and im still trying to find a nice theme to go with my blog, So as soon as i find it i will start posting.

i also will be making a facebook page and twitter ill be my personal one ill post them all once i am all ready to go.

First post should be up in a few days so stay tuned.



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