How to make a Tumblr Collage

4:01:00 PM

Hey lovelies

So on my tumblr page i made some tumblr collages. and today im going to show you how to make one (you dont have to only upload it to tumblr you can upload it anywhere) :)


Open photoshop and make a new document which is 500(W) x 700(H)

STEP 2 :

Use the paint bucket and colour the square any colour you would like (preferably a light colour)


Find images in google

 STEP 4 : Open the image in photoshop

STEP 5 :

Use the polygonal lasso tool Which looks like this 

And go around the image doesn't matter if it looks rushed it looks better if it looks like its been done in 5 minutes.

Then Drag the image to the other blank page that you made at the start.

STEP 6 : 

Go to Edit and scroll all the way down to Free Transform

It should look something like this. Press shift and drag the corners to the size you want. After that simply press enter.


Place you picture wherever you want to put it.

STEP 8 :

Continue steps 3 - 7 until the page is filled

STEP 9 : 

After that right click on one layer and click merge visible 

STEP 10 : 

Add a PSD i get mine from here
All you do is open a psd in photo shop and drag the group over picture

Then it should look something like this:

STEP 11:

Next you can add little pictures all you need to do is: Google transparent tumblr images and choose which ones you would like save them and open in photo shop
Then drag them to the picture and use step 6 to make them smaller

And thats it then just file save as and save it as a JPEG 

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and if you make any leave a link below to your tumblr so i can check them out and ill reblog some :) 


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