Pretty Little Liars cast at the Teen Choice Awards

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Hello lovely people,

So continuing in the teen choice awards theme, I have decided to review the outfits of the pretty little liars cast at the TCAs.

First we have Ashley Benson. Now i love Ashley but im not sure how i feel about her dress (or should i say skirt and top) i dont mind it but im not a big fan of the colours and the way the outfit sits. but for some reason Ashley pulls it off. Her Shoes are a bit bright, but have a pair a flats in that colour so i cant complain. 

Next we have Lucy Hale, Lucy had a few wardrobe changes throughout the night becasue she hosted the event. But i actually really like this outfit its simple and elegant and very Lucy. It fits her style perfectly. I love her shoes as well they are simple and tie the outfit together perfectly. It seems that skirts and crop tops are the fashion now because i have seen a lot of people wear them to events.

Next is Janel Parrish. I think this dress is super cute and very elegant. I love the colours on the butterflies and the dress all together. its very gorgeous. Her shoes suit the outfit as well.

Next is Sasha Pieterse. I think this is a top and pants cause there is a little gap at the bottom. anyway it is very cute but im not so sure about the bottom part they are very baggy. its looks like its velvet or something like that. But Sasha pulls it off. She looks amazing in this outfit.

Shay looks amazing in everything she wears, but i actually really like this outfit it looks amazing on Shay. For me its a bit revealing but if shay is comfortable in it then she should wear whatever she wants. Im not sure about the shoes thought they are cute and give the outfit a pop of colour. 

Last but not least is Troians outfit. I love this outfit , this has to be my favourite outfit out of all of them, its so simple and elegent and cute, It suits Troian well and i love the lace sleeves and how lace just goes over the whole outfit. Her shoes are simple and gorgeous.

Well i hope you enjoyed my post 

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