The day i met Bridgit Mendler

12:25:00 PM

Hello Everyone, So todays post will be about when i met Bridgit Mendler (Singer and actress star of Disneys 'Good Luck Charlie'). It was saturday August 3rd. I got up at 6am, got ready and left the house by 7am. It was freezing outside. We parked the car at my grandmas and caught the tram to federation square. We got there at around 8:15 and there was already people waiting to meet her so we got in line.

At about 9:15 the MC came out on stage and started talking.

 Then Bridgit came out on the roof and waved at all of the fans waiting.

After that she came out on stage and started taking some questions. 

Then she started signing autographs.

The line moved pretty fast but sadly they had to cut the line so the people behind us weren't able to meet her. 
As we were in the front row the MC told us to all smile cause Bridgit was going to stop signing for a bit and take a picture with the whole crowd. So she did. 

After that she continued Signing and finally i got my turn i was so excited to meet her cause i have been a fan of her since 2008 when the clique came out.
She signed the cd cover and i got to take a picture with her.

After that we waited around a bit and then she left.
I was so happy to have met her she was so sweet. 

Until Next time 

<3 Dani

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