Ulta3 Nail polish review

10:41:00 PM

Hey Everyone

I have so many nail polishes that i cant count how many i have and i probably shouldnt be buying more, But when i saw these at the chemist i just had to try them they looked so cute.

So i have 2 packs to show you today.

Both Packs consist of 5 nail polishes.

First is the Classics Pack

So as you can see they come in this cute little box

There are no names on the bottles but there is a white one, pink, purple, burgundy and green

All of these are amazing quality. They stay on for a long time i have had mine on since saturday and its thursday and there is no chips. The colours are amazing. I love the purple one because there is a bit of sparkle and its sort of metallic. I love it so much. The White one is very transparent so you will need a few layers to make it dark but thats the only one the rest you only need one coat.

 The next pack is the be mine pack

These colours are romantic and perfect for valentines day, except maybe the black. Like the first pack these are very opaque so you only need 1 coat even with the beige one. They are very bright and would go with any outfit.

When i first got these i had one colour on each finger cause i couldnt choose just one.

Overall i love these they are amazing and i recommend these to everyone


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