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Hello lovelies,

So this blog is basically about my life so this weekend i was at the footy the whole weekend i went on saturday night with my dad and on sunday with my mum.

I dont really follow a football team but i actually really like going to games and going for the teams my parents go for. Mum goes for carlton and Dad goes for collingwood.

So on Saturday night mum dropped dad and i off at the MCG and we found our seats. We were in the first row right next to the goals so we basically had the best seats.

This was the collingwood mascot that was going around. My dad ended up taking a photo with him which he was very happy about.

This is how close we were to the goals. We were in Row A which is the first row behind the barrier which was amazing.

This was one of the Collingwood players and he missed the goal. But i just wanted to show you the amazing seats we had this photo was zoomed in. 

It was such a great night but my dads team lost so he was very upset about that.

On Sunday it was a day game between richmond and carlton.

I went with mum so dad dropped us off at the front and mum and i found our seats, this time we were on level 4 right at the back. 

Here is a photo of how high we were there was only 2 rows behind us and then a wall. But the view was amazing we could see everything that was happening on the field.

After 2 quarters it was half time so during that time the little auskickers came out and played on the field it was so cute cause they had little goals set up.

Here is a panoramic view of the footy field. 

Mums team won so she was very happy about that.

So that was my weekend im so tired now that i think i will be going to sleep and not waking up for 2 days. ;)

What sport do you guys follow or what team do you follow?


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