Furless Brush Reviews

12:24:00 AM

I was sent 2 furless cosmetics brushes for joining the affiliate program. So today im going to review them.

This first brush is the blush brush and as you can see it have a purple tip on the brush. Its amazing i love this brush the bristles are so soft and applies the blush perfectly. This has got to be one of my favourite blush brushes. 

This next brush is an eyeshadow brush with a pink tip and again its amazing its very soft on the eyelid and i love it so much. Sometimes brushes irritate my eyes but not this one. The brush is pretty long so you can get a good grip on the handle and guide the brush on your eye very well. 

These brushes are all cruelty free, Vegan friendly and contain no animal fur which means they will last longer and are softer.

Overall these brushes are amazing and i would recommend them to anyone :) 

If you would like to purchase brushes i have an ad on my main page that you can click on and it will take you to the website. There are a lot to choose from. 

If you have tried these brushes let me know what you thought about them.


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