Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

8:29:00 PM

Hey Lovelies

So Halloween is fast approaching. Halloween is not as big in Australia as it is in America. But this post is for everyone.

Need a last minute costume idea? well im here to show you some costumes with whatever you have in your wardrobe with a few little accessories.

1. Unicorn - Some of you Lucy Hale /Pretty little liars fans have probably seen this picture from Lucy Hale on Last years halloween She was a unicorn and its such a cute costume. These costume accessories can be probably found at any costume shop. All you need is a pink wig (actually it can be any colour) , Lucy is seen wearing a crop top but you can go for a singlet / Tank top , A pink tutu skirt. so fuzzy rainbow leg warmers and of course a unicorn rainbow headband. The colours of the tank top, skirt and Wig can be any colour because of all the colours in the headband and leg warmers.

2. Witch - This costume is very simple. All you will need is a black dress, Either green leggings or tights or even jeans, a witches hat, and some black shoes. With the make up a dark lipstick, and green nail polish. To add something extra bring a broom around with you. 

3. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - Ashley Benson showed up to a halloween party dressed as tweedle dee and her friend dressed up as tweedle dum. This is very simple outfit all you need is a yellow t-shirt, red jeans, red suspenders, a blue bow tie and some black sneakers.

4 - Dorothy - This outfit is very simple All you need is a blue and white dress,a white t-shirt some white socks,  and some ruby red shoes.  If you wanted to be even more scary just add some fake blood over the dress and socks. 

You could basically be anything you wanted with what you have in your wardrobe.

So these helped comment below telling what you are going to be this halloween


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