My Celebrity Dinner Party

1:30:00 AM

Hey lovelies,

I was recently checking out some blogs and i came across this tag on someones blog, so i thought i would make my own because it seemed very interesting.

What you have to do is choose some Celebrities (Dead or Alive) you would invite to a celebrity dinner party.

So here are my 10:

1.Hilary Duff

2. Lucy Hale

3. Ashley Benson

4. James Franco
5. Johnny Depp

6. Darren Criss
7. Naya Rivera

8. Ian Somerhalder

9. Lea Michele

10. Demi Lovato

I could have added so many more people like the whole Glee cast, Pretty little liars cast and the vampire diaries cast plus all of my favourite tv shows casts but my house it not that big :) 

So thats my list who will yours be? Leave a comment below leaving your top 10 people.

Until next time


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