Essie Nail Polish Reviews and Swatches

4:23:00 PM

Hey there lovelies..

So im so excited because Essie has finally come to Australia. Im so happy, i have been watching so many youtubers from America talking about Essie and im so happy that they are finally here.

So they are available at Priceline for $16.95 So it is a bit expensive but when they first came out they were on sale for $12 each.

So of course i had to buy some and i ended up buying 3, i recently got a voucher to save $4 off of Essie products so i will be going to buy another one very soon.

The 3 i brought were Mint candy apple, Peach Daiquiri and Sugar Daddy.

First is Mint Candy Apple - I have heard Macbarbie07 talk about this colour and i just had to try and can  i say it is very amazing its very pigmented and only needs 1 coat

Next is Peach Daiquiri - This colour is gorgeous its perfect for a summer day and you give your outfit a pop of colour.

Lastly is Sugar Daddy - This one is a bit transparent when you first put it on so you do need a lot of layers, but you can wear this at school if you are not allowed to wear bright nail colours.

Here are the swatches on a nail art wheel. As you can see the peach and mint colour are very pigmented and dark, this is only one coat of each colour. The baby pink one (next to peach) is very light and you can really see it.

Overall i am in love with Essie nail polishes and i cant wait to get more so i can try them all out. Once i buy the new one ill make another post about it. 

If you have any favourite Essie colours let me know cause i dont know what colour im going to buy yet.

In the next few posts i will be doing a gift guides under $10 , $20, $50 and $100 for girls and guys so stay tuned.

Until next time ...


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