Inspired by Aria Montgomery

1:03:00 PM

Aria is my favourite character in PLL I just love her style. I have chosen 2 outfits that I think she would wear.

Outfit 1

I chose this one because in an episode of the dance she is seen wearing a black dress similar to this and it looks amazing on her so I chose this because I think it would look amazing on her as well.
The outfit I chose is all black because that is what Aria wears a lot.

Outfit 2

This is an everyday outfit that Aria would wear.

I chose a floral top because Aria is seen in a lot of floral dresses and tops with jackets. Match that together with some cute cowboy boots and you have Arias look. With Accessories you could wear anything but Aria loves feathers so again I would go for some cute feather earrings. And there you have Aria’s casual look.

hope you enjoyed it

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  1. Ok... I'm totally hooked on PLL and I think that out of all the girls, Aria has got to be my style twin! Love these looks!

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  2. Im so glad you liked this post i will be doing more on PLL cause i love it aswell :)