Inspired By : Hanna Marin - Pretty little liars

1:03:00 PM

I love Hannas’ fashion in Pretty little liars, its so similar to what I wear. So im here today to show you some clothes that I think you could wear to steal Hannas’ style.

Outfit one

This outfit is sort of a rock chick outfit. Hanna is sometimes seen in a leather jacket  and also in the colours above so I thought this would be perfect for her.
This would be worn to a dance or a date and that is where Hanna would wear it.

Outfit 2

I chose this outfit because its simple and the colours are so Hanna, soft pastels suit her so well. So if you would like to dress like hanna first things first get a pair of black jeans, Hanna is seen a lot wearing black jeans with a soft pastel colour top and a cute jacket is the perfect style for Hanna.

So I hope you enjoyed my little inspired by segment. 

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