Interview with Louna aka Loopylady11

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Hey there lovelies,

I thought it would be a great idea to interview Youtubers/celebrities, Just to get a look into their lives and how youtube or the media has changed their lives.

This interview was a while ago. It was on my other blog, so i thought i would move it over here.

This interview is with Youtuber Loopylady11 aka Louna

1. What is your favourite colour?
If you haven't guessed by the colour of my hair already, it's red! And I also love purple :) 

2. who is your celebrity crush?
 KIP WINGER! *dies* I hate that he's like 50 now and I was a baby back when he was in his prime!

3. If you had one wish what would it be?
That the 80s culture, music and fashion never died!

4. What is your favourite holiday destination?
If I could go back to the Greek Islands, particularly Paros, I would in a second! 

5. What is your favourite movie and tv show?
Movie: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure :)
TV: Mad Men (I picked something I currently watch because there are TOO many :D)

6. Has youtube changed your life? if so how?
The entire way I live my life is based around Youtube. It's given me a voice, as well as a stage to showcase my creativity.
I've met some awesome people through videos & gatherings, and have had some amazing opportunities come my way! Like travelling around Europe as a Travel-Vlogger with Busabout! Amazing!

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