Travel Make up Essentials

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Hey there lovelies.

So seeing as though summer is coming up here in Australia i thought i would do a Travel Make up essentials guide.

I'm going on holiday to QLD in Feb, so i will be making another one of these showing what i will be bringing in my make up bag.

1. Make up bag - This is an obvious choice.

2. BB Cream - If you don't want to take your foundations and powders on holidays with you, you could always take BB Cream, It has SPF so it protects you from the sun.

3. Lip Scrub - Now this is not an essential but if you are going to be at the beach all day your lips might be dry, so this is the perfect thing to get rid of all the dead, dry skin. And afterwards you can either lick it off or just wipe it off

4. Lip Gloss -  Lip gloss is great just to moisturise your lips and gives it a bit of shine.

5. Eyeliner - I love eyeliner but my favourite would have to be liquid eyeliner its so easy to put on and it just glides over your eyelid.

6. Mascara - When i go away i cant be bothered putting a lot of make up on just for the day so i just put some bb cream eyeliner and mascara and thats it. I love this falsies mascara it makes my lashes so much longer. I have long eyelashes to begin with so this just adds extra length.

7. Lip Balm - Lip balm is just amazing for when you get out of the pool or come back from the beach its moisturises your lips.

8. Blush - You can use this if you go out for dinner while you are away just to give you a bit of colour in your cheeks.

9. Eye shadow - I usually bring my palette so that way i can match my eyeshadow to what i am wearing that day.

And thats it. As i said before Before i go away i will probably make a  post about what i bring in my make up bag and also maybe even some essentials for a road trip.

Well i hope you enjoyed my post 

Until next time ... 


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