Bethany Mota Clothing Line

1:21:00 AM

Hey lovelies,

I was searching on twitter and saw that youtube sensation Macbarbie07 aka Bethany is coming out with a clothing line. That is amazing. I have been a fan on Beth for years. I never miss a video when she puts it up. So I was so happy when I found out.

Beth has teamed up with aeropostale  to create this clothing line.

You can buy the items here. They are reasonably priced and you get a free tshirt when you order something.

Here are some of my favourites.

This Daisy Dress is super cute and perfect for a summer day 

This top is amazing i love printed tees and i would love to add this to my collection

I am obbsessed with everything New york and LA so this shirt is a must have for me

They also have jewellery

Both of these necklaces are amazing i love both owls and Bows.

Overall i think this clothing line looks amazing and i hope i can purchase something from this in the near future.

Thanks for reading

Until next time 

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