Christmas Gift Guide for Him and Her Under $50

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Hey there lovelies,

Christmas is fast approaching and if you still havent found a gift for your mum, dad, sister, brother, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend , wife etc, Well im here to help i have a few Ideas on what to get loved ones for christmas for under $50.

For Her

1. Penny sweetshoppe lip balm - This is so cute for those who love lip balms or for a little girl.

2. Nail art Majestic jewels party pack - For all those nail lovers out there this is a perfect gift for them it has everything you need.

3.120 BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette - This is amazing for all the make up lovers in your life.

4. Clothes - Clothes is always a good present. if you know their style.

5. Hair chalk - These are amazing to change up your hairstyles that are not permanent.

6. Gift card - If you are stuck on ideas just go simple and buy them a gift card to their fav store.

7. Iphone case - For those iphone lovers that dont have a case you can buy them one in any colour, style , size etc.  

8. Nail Polish - You could get so many different nail polishes but depends which brand you get you could get 5 nail polishes for $50. 

9. Perfume - Everyone loves perfume so this is a perfect gift for someone.

10. Bag - Any bag is so cute so this would be perfect for someone going to school or something.

11. Lush Gift pack - If you know someone who loves lush this is amazing they are under $50 and you get quite a few products

12. Eos Lip balm - This is a cute gift to give some one as a secret santa or as a stocking stuffer.

For Him

1. An aftershave pack - For any man an aftershave pack is a must have

2. Shoes - A pair of converse or any shoes from their fav brand.

3. Scarf - i know a few guys that love wearing scarves so for those guys you could buy them some more to add to their collection.

4. Clothing - Clothing is easy if you know their style of what they usually wear. 

5. Accessories - Such as caps, sunglasses, gloves etc.

6. Socks - when i was younger i used to buy my dad socks for christmas he used to love them because all of his socks had holes in them. This is perfect for a dad from a little child.

7. And last is not mentioned but it is a gift card to their favourite store.

Well i hope i have helped a bit in deciding what to get your loved ones for christmas.

Until next time ..

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