Taylor Swift concert 14/12/13

5:40:00 PM

Hey everyone so this post is a bit different to what i usually post. But this was my Red Concert Experience.
So we got to etihad stadium and it was already packed, we brought some merch and them some food. We ate and went to find our seats. We were on Level 1 row T and it was the last row so behind us was the walk way and the food place etc. We could see so thats all that mattered. Then after a while Neon Trees came out and started playing a few songs, They even played a song wearing Taylor masks which was awesome and funny. 
After Neon Trees Guy sebastian came out and started playing a few of his songs. (i saw guy sebastian on the australian idol tour over 10 years ago so it was amazing to see how far he had come) anyway after that there was a bit of a break and then the song American woman came on and the lights went out (in the arena the light behind us were still on so i was a bit upset about that) and Taylor came on she sang state of grace first, then holy ground, the crowd then sang Happy Birthday to her which was so sweet. Red was next, then it was The Lucky One and Mean then 22. As she was singing 22 she walked through the crowd and went to the platform, we then saw all these people running to the platform so i said to my cousin lets go down so we did and it was amazing the guards just let us through. We were so close to Taylor. After 22 she introduced her dancers to everyone and then she sat down and sang you belong with me and as that happened the stage went up and was turning so we all started waving and stuff. then a guitar change and Begin again started and again the stage went up and turned. and after another guitar change she sang sparks fly. during the song she went back to the stage, so my cousin and i were going back to our seats but we saw a few people going to the barricades and standing there watching the concert, So we decided to go over there aswell and we spent the rest of the concert there. It was so much closer to the stage then the seats we had. She had another costume change (she changes so fast lol) and I knew you were trouble began. It was amazing she even had a costume change during the song. Then she sat at her piano and told us a story about how she writes music and what inspires her to write music etc then she told us a little story and sang all too well. It was so inspiring and amazing she was so emotional with the song. After another costume change, she sang love story which was amazing everyone was dancing and singing along she then sang Treacherous. and last was we are never ever getting back together. The finale was amazing there was confetti coming out of the canons and fireworks it was a beautiful way to end an amazing concert. and that was it it was all over the lights turned on and we went home.
Overall the concert was Amazing and it was the best concert i have been to. It was a night i will always remember.
I am just waiting for some footage my cousin recorded on her phone and i will be making a video for youtube so i will post it once i get it and i will also post some photos aswell.
Sadly i didnt get into club red but i didnt care cause i got to see taylor up close and it was amazing just being there with all the fans.
Well that was it i hope you enjoyed my post and if you have been to the red tour let me know what you thought of it.

Here are some pics from the concert:

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