Lea Michele - Cannonball

1:15:00 AM

Hey there lovelies,

So 2013 was a very bad year for the glee family, We lost a beloved actor Cory monteith. It was very sad and still is. Me personally i have never met him but i wish that i had when he came to australia a few years ago, But i know that he was a sweet and caring guy who had a troubled past but tried to get through it until it caught up to him in the end.

He was in a relationship with his co-star Lea Michele who to me is such a strong woman. Lea just came out with this beautiful song cannonball and in a recent interview with Ellen she told her that this song was given to her because of how she was feeling and that after Corys passing she had to pick herself up and get back into the world again.

I love this song so much that i basically have it on repeat on my itunes and spotify.

She recently came out with the music video and it is absolutely perfect.

Here is the video clip:

The music video starts off dark and gloomy but then breaks out into the light and its just incredible.

This is very different to her music on Glee, Because we know it comes from the heart everytime she sings this song.

She is such a strong woman that will go so far in life.

What do you think of the song and video?

Until next time


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