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Hey there lovelies, 

I recently found out that NYX cosmetics was coming to Australia and I was completely over the moon. I have seen so many amazing reviews on these and i couldn't wait to try them. Today I'll be reviewing 3 products they are the NYX blush, The Peaches and Cream Butter Gloss and the Love in Rio Eyeshadow trio. I love how the products are so affordable and amazing. 

There are so many different colours that you can choose from. 

The first product i will be talking about is the Blush. This is in the colour Natural. I love this product so much. The Blush comes in quite a few different shades of pink, which is amazing and it means there is a blush to suit everyone. 

The blush is so pigmented that it looks absolutely amazing on the apples of your cheeks. I just use a blush brush to apply the product on my cheeks and just blend it out to my liking. There is a lot of product in the container because I have used this product so many times and we can still see the pattern on the blush. 

The price of the blushes in Target are $9.95 which is amazing for a product like this.

The next product i want to rave about it the Butter Gloss. I have 2 of these but i have used this one way more. This is in the colour Peaches and Cream. These feel amazing on your lips and last for so long that it is perfect for a night out or even if you just want something to wear at home to moisturise your lips. Its not sticky on your lips and it goes on so well you don't even feel like you have it on. These are definitely my go to Lip gloss. 

You could wear this by it self or what I do is put it over the top of a lip stain to give it a nice shine. It's perfect if you just want a bit over colour without looking like you went over the top with lip colour. 

 At $9.95 why wouldn't you want to try these. I think I might have to go and buy all the colours in the butter gloss range. The other one I have is Creme Brulee which is a natural colour.

Lastly is This gorgeous 'Love in Rio' Trio eyeshadow. I love this product so much they are so pigmented and look amazing together. It comes with 3 gorgeous eyeshadows. The one I have here is 'Meet me at the Copa'. There are so many other trios that you could get which is amazing because you can match the outfit you are wearing.

These eyeshadows are also $9.95 which is amazing. I will certainly be going to Target and buying a lot more of these products. 

One thing I love about the packaging of the eyeshadow is that it has an adorable bow on the side. 

Overall these products are amazing and i recommend these products to everyone I know. There are colours to suit everyone and the quality of the products are amazing.

Well thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have ever tried NYX products and what you thought of them and also which product is your favourite?

Until next time

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