Pretty Little Liars Collection Aeropostale

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Hey there lovelies,

As you can tell by my blog i am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and when i found out that aeropostale was lauching a pretty little liars collection i was over the moon. I was having a look through the website and i found some really cute items. Here is the full collection:


Here is the collection for Aria. Its super cute and super Aria. I can picture her wearing this. Its very out there from the blue jacket to the polka dot boots its very cute.


The next outfit is from the gorgeous Hanna Marin. As soon as i saw this outfit i didnt even have to look at the name i knew it was Hanna's straight away. Its very girly and something Hanna would wear on a night out or knowing Hanna she would probably wear it to school.

Lace Dress - $39


This outfit just screams Emily. Its very sporty and i could see Emily wearing this for school or on the weekend catching up with friends. 


So this outfit is perfect for spencer its very preppy and its so cute. I can imagine Spencer wearing this outfit at school or for an interview. 


And Last but no least we cant forget about 'A' and the collection even has a jacket for 'A'

Well thats it for today, Let me know in the comments if you would buy any of these outfits. If i had more money i would probably buy all of it. But i might order the Red hoodie cause that is so cute.  

I think there will be more coming to the collection in March so i will make another post containing the new products when they come out.

Until Next time 

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