Star Crossed Episode 1 review

1:01:00 AM

Hey there lovelies,

I am always looking for new TV shows to watch. I mean i watch so many as it is but I love looking for new shows. I kept seeing these ads for this new TV show Star Crossed so i thought i would check it out, And can i say after watching the first episode i absolutely loved it and I cant wait for the next episode.

Ok so if you have never even heard of this show here is a summary.

It starts out with the news that a spaceship has crashed on land and there are aliens roaming around. A little alien boy is told to run by his father to be safe and he runs into a shed of a random house. In this house lives a little girl who, after hearing noises , runs outside and finds this little boy. She cares for him and gives him blankets and food until one day he is found by the police and shot at. The next part takes place 10 years later the girl is now 16 and starting at a new school. Little does she know that the little boy has grown up and is now attending her school along with the 6 other teenage aliens. There is a lot of hate between the humans and the aliens. Its basically about a romance between a human girl and an alien boy. 

After watching 1 episode I am hooked this is definitely a show i would keep watching. I cant wait to see what happens next.

This show has an amazing cast.


Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden, Malese Jow, Grey Damon, Greg Finley, Natalie Hall plus many more.

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