Hanna Marin's Bedroom

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Hey there lovelies,

So a while ago I put up my dream bedroom, which was Blair Waldorf's room. Now i am back and i have another bedroom post. This time its Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars. I love her bedroom so much, its exactly what i would love my bedroom to look like. So Below i am going to show you some pictures of the room and how you can recreate it in your room.

This is Hanna's Vanity and as you can see it is super girly and store all of her perfumes nice and neat. She has a big mirror so she can see herself while she is doing her make up in the morning. A cute way to steal this style would be getting a desk with drawers to store all of your make up, and displaying some of your favourite things on the table. Hanna's vanity also has a lamp on it so she can see when she does her make up.

This is a close up of the cute tray you can use to store your perfumes. You could recreate this by getting a tray, and putting some of your favourite perfume bottles on it. As you can see Hanna has a lot of different looking bottles, that go so well together.

This is another view of the vanity, it has all the necessities that a girl needs.

This is Hannas' bed, as you can see there are a lot of cushions and a beautiful purple bed spread. On the walls behind she has wall decal of what i thought were butterflies but someone told me they are feathers and they are all in different sizes but they are the same colour so if you would like to steal this style find a cute wall decal that matches the rest of your room. You can see on her night stands she has 2 natural coloured lamps as well as some knick knacks such as picture frames and a clock radio.

This is Hannas daybed . Its a cute thing to have in your room is you would like to just sit down and read, you can get these from Ikea and then just put a lot of cushions on it. Also on the wall is the Wall Decal that is over her bead. Its also perfect if someone is sleeping over.

Hanna has a mannequin in her room where she cuts out pictures and sticks them on the mannequin as well as jewellery and other things she likes. There is a bookshelf behind to display the photo frames and also the magazines. 

This is another view of her day bed. She also has a Yellow lamp which really stands out in a room like hers.

Well I really hope you enjoyed my post. If you would like to see the other Pretty Little Liars bedroom post let me know in the comments. 

Which PLL bedroom is your favourite?

♥ Dani

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