Holiday 2014 - Bathurst, Moree, Caloundra and Forster

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Hey there lovelies,

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you will know that i recently went on a family holiday to Queensland. It is so beautiful up there that i didn't want to come home.

Im going to mention the days and what we did.

First was Bathurst - After about 8 hours driving we arrived in Bathurst. The hotel was right on the racetrack where they have the car racing. It was beautiful all you could see was mountains and racetrack. We ended up having dinner there and then we went in the pool.

Moree was next- After bathurst we went to Moree and stayed in a motel it was gorgeous there aswell. The room was quite small but it was just for one night so it was ok. First thing we did was we went in the pool of course (There were 3 pools there).

Then we finally arrived in Caloundra. I was speechless the view was amazing and the pool was right in front of the balcony. We had a pool entry apartment which means on our balcony there was a gate and some stairs and you just go straight in the water.

We decided to go up to Maroochydore for the day to do some shopping. Clothing and grocery shopping.

We also went up to Bundaberg where they make ginger beer and other drinks. It was amazing to see the process and we even got to watch a little video about how it used to be made to how it is made today.

On the Wednesday we went to gold coast which was about a 2 hour drive to where we were staying. It was nice there, but there was way too many people. We had lunch at Hurricanes restaurant , we got ribs and seafood, The food there is so amazing i recommend that restaurant to everyone.Then sadly it started raining so we decided to go back to Caloundra , and of course when we got there it was so hot and beautiful, we jumped straight in the pool.

On thursday and Friday we just stayed around Caloundra we went to Ettamogah pub and the big pineapple, We then just went back to the apartment and went swimming.

On the saturday we went to Eumundi market, Its huge there there were 2 markets in one. After that we went to Noosa and then straight back to the hotel where we (you guessed it) went straight into the pool. We later went and saw the sunset and got an ice cream on the beach.

Sunday for us was a lazy day we didn't leave the resort we just spent the whole day in the pool and sunbaked so we could relax for the long drive the next day to Forster.

We finally arrived at our last destination Forster NSW. It was so amazing there the pool wasn't in front of our hotel but there was still a pool there so i didn't mind. The next day we went to the local shops and just around to see what there was there.

We went to the beach and spent a few hours there in the water, getting hit by the waves. I wasn't expecting a wave to hit me so it hit me and I went under when it did, I was recording with my underwater camera at the time, So watching the footage back now is pretty funny. The next day was pretty much the same thing and then the next day after that it was time to leave so we left for our 12 hour drive home. 

This holiday was so amazing and i felt so relaxed after wards but it went way to fast and its been 2 weeks since we have been back and i think im really for another holiday.

Until next time...

                                  ♥ Dani

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