Colour Block Nail Art

1:26:00 AM

Hey lovelies,

I LOVE Nail Art.

I was searching through Instagram the other day and i spotted Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell rocking this very cute and simple colour block nail art. So i thought why not recreate it.


Here is the original picture i saw:

How cute is it? Its just so simple and cute. 

Here is my tutorial:

Step 1  

Place a piece of tape over half of the nail, this will give the colours a beautiful straight line.

Step 2 

Paint the untaped side with any colour of nail polish and let it dry.

Step 3 

Peel off the tape.

Step 4

Place the tape on to on the painted side leaving the unpainted side ready.

Step 5 

Paint the other side of the nail. Leave to dry.

Step 6 

Peel off tape.

Step 7

Place a piece of nail art tape along the middle line.

Step 8 

Apply a top coat to stop the nail art tape from peeling off.

And thats it very simple and easy.

If you re-create this look on your nails post a picture to my facebook page or to instagram with the hashtag #frangipanigoddess and tag @danical90

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

Comment what other nail art tutorials you would like to see.

♥ Dani

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