Back to school : Locker Emergency kit.

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Hey there lovelies,

So I know that some of you are going back to school, or you have already gone back.

I thought why not do a locker emergency kit, that every girl will need in her locker just in case.

So here it is:

1: A portable phone charger - When your phone is out of battery this could be perfect for a middle of the day phone recharge.

2. Hand sanitisers -  I would usually use these after lunch when you are about to start your next class, because you don't know what germs are on your hands. and a bonus these smell amazing.

3 Dry Shampoo - For those fly aways and on those days you are having bad hair days. 

4. Pens, pencils and highlighters - I dont know about you but a few months into the new school year i tend to lose my pens and pencils etc, or they just end up in the bottom of my bag. So why not keep a spare set in your locker incase you ever do lose them.

5. Hair clips - Another thing i would use for fly aways or if my fringe/bangs are annoying me.

6. Hair ties - For those days that i start off the day with my hair down but its starts to annoy me and i need to tie it u.

7. A brush - This would work for people with hair that is easy to brush, unlike my hair which i can only brush when its wet or else it would be so frizzy. 

8. Gum - No need for an explanation here , just hide them or else you will have none left by the end of the first school day.

9. Lip balm - On those days where my lips get chapped or dried. 

10. Bandaids - For when you get a paper cut or something like that.

11. Deodorant - For after gym class or whenever you feel sweaty. 

Well that's it, of course you can add what ever else you want such as make up etc , you could even put a spare pair of shoes in your locker when your feet get sore or too hot you can just change them. 

I wish I had this list when i was at school it would have made things so much easier. 

Next post will probably be about Locker DIY or something else for back to school. 

Well thanks for reading my post. Let me know in the comments what your locker essentials are.

Until next time...

♥ Danii

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  1. That's a great idea. I have to carry all that in my bag because we don't have a locker in college. Great post.


    1. Thank you I'm glad you liked this post. I will be doing a lot more of these so please follow my twitter or bloglovin to be updated when i post something