Halloween : Taylor Swift Shake it Off music video

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Hey there lovelies,

So for my first halloween post, I'm going to show you how to get Taylor swifts outfits from her music video 'Shake it off'

Lets get started.

I know this looks like a simple costume but with the sharpie you can draw what ever you want on the sweatshirt. Taylor had a cat on hers.

Next is the Ballet outfit all you need is a tutu, a tiara and ballet flats. Easy as that.

This next outfit is her gold outfit it's so cute all you need in a gold jacket, gold pants and sunglasses. Simple. 

This outfit is so cute but its not for everyone. If you didnt want to wear the shorts you could just wear a pair of jeans and it would be the same. Personally I love leopard print so this outfit would be so cute. 

Next is Taylors beat box outfit. You will need a varsity jacket, a graphic tee, leather pants, a cap and an inflatable boom box (Which you can find online)

The cheerleader outfit is so cute, I wish I could pull off this as well as taylor did. You can find cheerleading outfits online and the pom poms you can also find online

Last is just a black turtle neck and black pants. I have added the microphone because it adds to the outfit. 

Well thats it. 

These outfits are perfect for your halloween party if you want to go a group , or if you have a little taylor swift party. 

Taylor is my idol so these outfits were so cute on her. Now you can have the outfits to look just like her.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time .....

♥ Danii

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