Interview with Gemma from Big Brother Australia 2014

4:56:00 PM

Hey there lovelies,

So if you are from Australia and you watch Big Brother you will know who Gemma is.

I was lucky enough to interview her over twitter. So here is the interview.

1. What inspired you to audition for BB? 
I wanted an adventure, something that was special and I could be me

2.What is your favourite movie?
My favourite is probably Aladdin I know all the words

3.If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? 
Um id love to meet robin Williams before he passed away now I think Ellen DeGeneres

4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to audition for BB?
I just said anything that I thought .. Don't hold back if you think it, say it!

5. If you could do your time in the house over again would you change anything?
Wouldn't change a thing I am proud of myself I learnt a lot about myself I made mistakes but I don't regret anything

Thank you so much Gemma for taking the time to answer my questions

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♥ Danii

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