Taylor Swift '1989' Album Review

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Hey there lovelies,

I have a new favourite album, it is the album of Miss Taylor Swift, and the name of that album is 1989.

I recently brought the deluxe edition because I really wanted the polaroids and the extra songs, I recently went on a trip to the beach and the whole trip up we just listened to the album. I loved every song on the album, My favourite songs would have to be Wonderland and Welcome to New York.

This album is very different to her other albums, but it is different in a good way, it's more Pop than country which is what we are used to. This album is a pop masterpiece. Every song on the album is extremely catchy, I found myself humming the songs all the time.

Taylor has since announced a 1989 world tour for 2015 which is amazing because Australia is included. I'm so excited because I went to the RED TOUR and it was so amazing, so I'm really looking forward to the concert.

Also we must congratulate Taylor for selling over 1.2 million albums in the first week of release, She is the first artist to do so in 2014.

Taylor has become the first artist to achieve three albums that have sold more than a million copies in the first seven days of release, which I think is incredible. 

So here is the song list of the album.

Also leading up to the album release Taylor was sharing some lyrics to each song each day, which I thought was a great idea because it got fans ready for the new music. 

Another thing I love about the deluxe edition was the polaroids, Each deluxe album came with 13 polaroids. There was 65 to collect. With my one I got Number 52 to 65. Each polaroid has a picture of Taylor and some song lyrics to the song on the album. 

Credit : tumblr

Here are all of the 65 polaroids that I found on tumblr.

So to wrap it all up I love all the songs on this album, and I'm sure that if I listen to it more and more I will memorise all of the lyrics to each song. 

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.

♥ Danii

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