Holiday Gift Guide - Readers and Musicians

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Hey there lovelies,

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would do a holiday gift guide. I have been doing last minute christmas shopping, so if you still haven't found the right gift for your family or friends then stay tuned. I will be posting 2 every 2 days up until the weekend before christmas.

I will be writing about a few different gift guides, for writers, readers, musicians, etc.

So lets get into it.

A) A book related Shirt/ Sweater - You can find online so many different sweaters related to books so find out their favourite book and you can give them something they can wear around to show their love for the book.
B) I was looking online to see what I could add to the gift guides and I stumbled across a Library scented candle. I know what you are thinking what will this smell like? And I can tell you that I have no idea, but any candle will do, because as a reader myself I love to read with a scented candle in the room it just relaxes me. 
C) The next one as book coasters. I thought this will be a cute gift because you could get some with their favourite books and it will make them more personalised. 
D) This one is obvious. A book. You could get them a book you think they would like or a gift card to buy books either online or an actual book from a store. 
E) A 'Once upon a time' Necklace. This is a cute gift for a girl who loves fairytales.
F) This one is another necklace that says 'Never judge a book by its cover' Its a cute way to show that the person who wears this doesn't judge anything by whats on the outside. 
G) The last one is a book necklace, you could get their favourite book as a necklace , or even on a charm bracelet.

A) An instrument necklace. You can get them a necklace of whatever instrument they play. Its a cute way to show that they love music. 
B) A musical necklace. This could be anything related to music. 
C) Guitar picks from their favourite singer or band. You can find so many different picks on ebay with different singers/bands on there.
D) Their favourite CD/Vinyl. If you can find their favourite cd on Vinyl that would be a very great gift if they have a record player, if not a CD or a giftcard would be a great gift.
E) Headphones. This would be a great gift for someone who loves to listen to music, and there are so many different headphones that you could get.
F) A notebook for songwriters. This is a great gift for songwriters to get inspired to write. 
G) A musical related phone case.
H) When I saw this I thought it was so cute its a Record clock. This is so cute for someone to have in there room. 

♥ Danii

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