Ulta 3, MUD and Essence Review

11:15:00 PM

Hey there lovelies,

I was recently sent some products from the heat group to try which consisted of Ulta 3, MUD (Make up design) and Essence products.

I have to say I really love these products and they are so affordable that anyone can buy them.

So lets get into the products I got:

First Product is a Pink Matte Lip Cream.

This product is so creamy and amazing. The way it feels on my lips is sensational. And it has a very long lasting wear. I wore this all day and it only came off a little bit

It has a really good applicator and it is very pigmented.

The next one is another Matte Lip Cream and it is a beige colour. I thought this colour wasnt going to suit my olive skin but it actually looks really good and it actually stands out. 

Again the applicator is amazing it just makes it so easy to glide on. And it is very pigmented.

Next is an Ulta 3 Metallic cream eye liner. When I first saw this I was surprised it looked very interesting and I kept wondering how it was supposed to go on, But When I first used it I realised how easy it was to use, It feels just like a liquid eyeliner it just glides on your eyes.

The colour is incredible and very pigmented. It adds a beautiful glitter effect to your eyes and makes them shine.

MUD Gel Liner is the next product. It comes in this cute package.

When I first opened it I was wondering where the brush was but I then realised that it comes out of the top. I have never seen a packaging like this but I actually really like it. 

They eyeliner itself glides on the eyes and stays on for a long time. I usually have to re apply eyeliner through out the day but I only had to touch up because it lasted a while.

This Colour Balm is super pigmented, It is a bit sticky at first but after a while I got used to it and it looked amazing on my lips giving me a gorgeous red lip with a hint of shine. 

It reminds me of those old lip glosses you used to get in the tubes. It brought me back to my primary school years.

I LOVE this perfume, the scent is sweet and floral, it's just so incredible. This has to be one of my new favourite fragrance so far.

The packaging is super cute and so it the bottle.

It looks incredible in my perfume collection, I don't have a bottle of perfume that looks this simple so it is a great bottle.

Here are the swatches. First is the gold eyeliner, next is the colour balm, and the final 2 are the Matte Lip cream in beige and pink.

I hope you enjoyed my review. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these products? Or any products from any of these brands. 

Until Next time ...

♥ Danii

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