Ulta 3 Nail Polishes Reviews

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Hey there lovelies.

I am obsessed with nail polishes, I especially love Ulta 3 brand nail polishes. So today Im going to review the ones I have.

Let's get into the review.

So here are the ones I have and for the price of $2.50 to $3 I will be buying so many more.

Here are the swatches with the flash.

Here are the swatches without the flash.

From left to right Hippidy hop, Enchanted, Over the rainbow, Burnt Orange, frog prince, and Bo peep.

The swatches are only 1 coat but of course you could do 2 coats to get a more opaque look. 

Hippidy Hop - This was part of the easter range last year. You only need 1 coat and you get these amazing black specks, it makes your nails look like mini easter eggs.

This is the clear top coat. Once I put this on my nail polish stays on for a week without chipping, There are a few little chips but nothing major.

Enchanted - I loved this colour and the name because it has the same name as a book I am writing. I fell in love with this colour because it looked very magical and it has a purple tinge when you put it on.

Bo Peep - This is a very gorgeous pink nail polish, its perfect for the summer and even the winter if you want something bright to wear.

Frog Prince - This name is so cute. I brought this to do some halloween tutorials and this is the only true green that I found that I loved. Only 1 coat needs to be applied to get the perfect cover. 

Over the Rainbow - This glitter polish is amazing, I love the different colour glitter in it. It takes a white to get the perfect cover but once you get the right amount it looks perfect. 

Burnt Orange - This is the last one I have. I brought this for the halloween tutorials and it came out perfect. I never thought I would like an orange nail polish but I actually really like this.

Well that's it I hope you enjoyed reading my review.

Stay tuned for more reviews and posts.

Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog.

Until next time....

♥ Danii

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