Fandom Jewellery

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 Hey there lovelies,

Today I thought I would do something a bit different. I'm going to show you my fandom jewellery. I am a huge fan of a lot of TV shows and movies so here are my fandom jewellery.


Here are my Vampire Diaries necklaces. I got all of these on Ebay and I'm pretty sure they were only $1 each.

This cross is the one Elena wears in the promo

This is Elenas vervain necklace

This is Damons daylight ring but I got it in a necklace form. It also has my initial on there.

This is Katherines Day Light necklace

The Cameo one is not from TVD but it's similiar to the one Katherine wears in the show.


Here is Deans necklace that he always wears

They use the Pentagram a lot in the show so when I saw this I just had to get it.


This is just a little A message necklace.

I ordered this beautiful bracelet off of the lady who actually makes the PLL bracelets. 


Anyone that knows me will know that I love Harry Potter So I was pretty excited when I found these necklaces on Ebay

This is all four houses. It's also the emblem for Hogwarts

Here is the time turner Hermione uses in Prisoner of Azkaban to go back in time.

And this one is the deathly hallows.


This last one is just a paper plane necklace. It is usually worn by Harry styles from One Direction. It is also sometimes worn by Taylor Swift.

Well Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed my random post. 

Let me know what fandoms you are in. 

♥ Danii

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