DIY Tape Picture Frames

12:55:00 AM

Have you tried those hooks that are supposed to stick to the wall and not ruin the paint, but for some reason when you take the hook off the paint comes along with it, or have you added Blu Tak to your walls and when you take it off there is still some Blu Tak left. Well when I came across this pin I thought it was the cutest way to display pictures.

Washi Tape Picture Frames.

Picture from Pixersize

To make these fun and stylish tape pictures frames, all you'll need are a few images , washi tape and scissors.

First print out a picture or get one out of a magazine. Get some washi tape in any colour, or you can get it to match the colours in the picture. Then simply add the washi tape around the picture in any design you want. Above are a few different designs but be creative it's all about your unique style.

It's important to tape up and frame your images one at a time so you can be sure you have enough space for all of your pictures. Use an X-acto knife to carefully trim off any overlaps or longer pieces.

Ta-Da see how simple that was now you can go around and decorate your room with all of these unique frames.

You can get Washi tape from any craft stores or even online.

Send me pictures of your creations using the hashtag on Instagram #frangipanigoddess or simply upload a picture to my facebook page.

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