How I get through Writers Block

9:16:00 PM

Writers block can be so annoying, especially when you really need to get something finished but the words are just not coming to you. Don't worry it happens to the best of us.

Here are some of my tips one getting through writers block.

1. Start with a cute notebook - I got these from Typo a while ago, I realised that having a nice and bright notebook helps me write short stories or ideas. I like to carry a notebook around with me, that way whenever I am out and I think of an idea I can just write it down.

2. Step away from your workspace - I like to spend a bit of time outside either at the park or even in my own backyard with my dog. The fresh air just helps me think. You could also change your workspace and go to a cafe or by the beach and just type.

3. Burn a Candle - Burning a candle in your favourite scent can help with writers block because it can make the room more relaxing and help the ideas flow.

4. Take a break - Taking a break when you are stuck with ideas can be a great thing. Maybe go for a walk or take a nap and when you get back you will be more refreshed and ready to go. 

These tips help me a lot when I was at school with essays and Exam prep. It also helps me when I'm writing for this blog and also for my stories.

Let me know what you do to break the curse of writers block?

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