How to Style Doc Martens 4 ways

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I have always loved Doc Martens but I have never known how to style them until recently. Since it has been so cold here in Australia over winter these were the perfect way to keep my feet warm, But they don’t only have to be worn in the winter, you could wear them any time of the year. They come in a variety of colours so you could wear them with anything. I recently brought a pair of red ones and I wear them with jeans and a cute black top or even a red top. Wearing them with black will bring the colour of the shoes out. 

Here are some outfit ideas for your brightly coloured Docs for different seasons.


Docs can be worn with either flowy dresses or skirts in the spring time. You could wear a black dress with specks of colour and the specks could be the same colour as the docs. 


As I mentioned before I love to wear my docs with jeans in winter, pair them with a cute tee and a flannel and you have the perfect winters day outfit, add a scarf and/or a beanie for some added warmth.


You are probably thinking that Docs will be too hot for the summer, But I have worn my docs in summer with shorts and they are the best. They are great for long walks. I pair mine with a cute pair of denim shorts and a cute tank/tee. 


Leggings are the best worn with Docs because the leggings can be tucked into your docs for a cute look. Pair them with a sweater or a shirt dress for the perfect Autumn day. 

The Docs are a bit pricey for some but they are very worth it, they last for so long so you can get your moneys worth out of them.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Doc knock offs which are actually just as good for a much cheaper price, If you can’t see yourself spending over $100 for a pair of shoes, I would go for the cheaper option and see how you go with those, Then once you save up enough money for a pair of real Docs you can buy them.

To get inspired by choosing an outfit I look at celebrities who wear them and see how they style them, It’s a great way to get new ideas on how to wear them.

♥ Danii

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