What lipstick colour suits your skin tone.

2:26:00 PM

I recently posted about which eyeshadow suits your eye colour and I also found a which lipstick colours suit your skin tone.

Just a disclaimer: I'm not saying that because you have a certain skin tone you have to use the certain lipstick colours, you wear what you want and what you feel comfortable wearing.

Fair skin tone - Light colours such as light pinks  and light peach tones as well as beige and golden brown suit you.
Medium Skin tone - Medium pinks and reds suit your skin tone as well as Orangey peach and apricot.
Olive skin tone - Dark colours suit you as well as Berry.
Dark skin tone - Brownish red, Dark fuchsia , dark berry and golden beige would suit your skin tone. 

Me personally I have have a mix between medium and olive skin tone but I love wear a dark berry colour especially in the autumn time, it's a personal preference on which colour you would like to wear. 

Let me know what colours you like to wear.

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