Which eyeshadow suits your eye colour.

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Choosing an eyeshadow shade to wear ca be a nightmare, Making sure it matches your outfit but then it makes your eyes look smaller or you look tired, Disaster.

I have found a chart that shows what eyeshadow colour suits your eye colour to make them pop.

For me I like to wear any shade of shadow but knowing this will help me in the future.

For Brown Eyes - Netural tones and cool tones, brown, blues and purples are the perfect colours to make your eyes pop.
For Hazel Eyes - Similar to the brown eyes but more purples and you can even add a bit of green.
For Amber eyes - Oranges, peach and blues are the colours you should go to.
For Aqua Eyes - Light blues, and you could add some red and a few peachy shadows. 
For Green Eyes - Obviously add Green in different shade but also different shades of pink will bring out your beautiful green eyes.
For Blue Eyes - These are similar to the Aqua eyes but just darker shades, and some yellow and brown will make you eyes look amazing.

I hope this guide helps, You can choose what colours you want on your eyes, these are just a guide.

I personally think all colours look amazing on everyones eyes but make sure it's not over the top. 

♥ Danii

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  1. weirdly enough I have brown eyes and i use the hazel eye palate most!


    1. I have brown eyes aswell and I seem to use a bit of all of the colours :)