Blogmas 2015 #1 - Introduction

5:56:00 PM

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love making holiday treats and DIYs etc and also spending time with family. 

Every year I love watching YouTubers vlogmas videos. 

This year I thought I would do Blogmas. Before today, I had no idea there even was a Blogmas so I was excited when I saw that it was actually a thing. Luckily I found out about blogmas on the 1st. I really wanted to do vlogmas over on my YouTube channel, but my life just isn't that interesting, so I thought I would do Blogmas instead. 

What you will see up until Christmas will be recipes for cute little Christmassy treats, DIYs, Gift guides etc all relating to Christmas. But I might even make a post about my favourite Christmas movies and my favourite Vlogmas videos from my favourite youtubers.

So I hope you enjoy my posts I'm excited to start Blogmas. 

If you are doing Blogmas leave a link to your blog in the comments below 


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