Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year. It's a great to just spend time with family and friends.

I thought for this year I would do some holiday gift guides for woman , men , teens even kids and also some holiday food posts.

I know it's a bit early to start but Christmas is just around the corner so I thought I would get a head start.

Let me know what other christmas posts you would like to see.

Let's get into the first post.

Holiday gift guide for the special woman/women in your life.

1. A make up palette - This one is from Sephora but you could get any brand. 
2. A make up gift set - This is from Mecca and its by too faced. It gives you a variety of shades and even a sample size mascara. Its great to try different products.
3. Some Jewellery or a giftcard to their favourite jewellery store. You could even get their names on the necklace.
4. Another make up set - These are the Stila liquid lipsticks from Mecca.
5. Something to make the home smell nice - Insence from Myer. 
6. A candle holder - So they could store their favourite candle. this is from Kmart.
7. A body gift pack - This soap and glory pack is from Mecca.
8. Clothing - You could get something from their favourite brand or even a giftcard from their favourite store.
9. A Candle - This one is from Myer but if you know their favourite scent your could get them a candle.
10. An intial cup - This one is from Myer. It could be a cute KK gift.
11. Another Candle - This one is from Myer and it comes in a cute tin that they could use for other objects.

I hope you enjoyed my little gift guide. I have a few more coming soon. A gift guide for him, teens and kids. 

Let me know what's on your christmas wishlist.

I will be also posting my christmas wishlist closer to christmas.

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