Blogmas #2 - Decorating the house

3:34:00 PM

Day 2 of Blogmas is here.

Today's post is decorating the house. Later on in Blogmas I will be putting up a post on decorating the caravan we have. But for today it's our house.

We didn't put our normal tree this year because we will be spending Christmas at the caravan. This post will just be a short one on how I decorate our house.

First I put up the mini tree and decorated that.

Here is our little tree. I have also added some lights since this was taken.

Next I kind of just went crazy with tinsel I have put some all over our house.

On our windows

Underneath our other TV. Also added some cute little Christmas shopping bags.

We also have a little Christmas sign next to our TV. 

And I also put up some tinsel in my room.

That's it for todays Blogmas.

See you tomorrow.

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