Blogmas #5 - Top Christmas Songs.

3:44:00 PM

We are catching up with friends tonight for dinner so I thought I would upload my blogmas post a bit earlier.

Todays post is about Christmas songs.

Hopefully you can find some great songs to listen to this festive season. Every Christmas I am most likely listenign to these songs. Most of them are not the originals but I like these certain versions.

1. All I want for christmas is you - Mariah Carey
2. Last Christmas - Taylor Swift
3. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas - Michael Buble
4. Happy Christmas (War is over) - John Lennon
5. Merry Christmas Everybody - Jimmy Barnes
6. Baby it's cold outside
7. Extarodinary Merry Christmas - Glee
8. Rockin' Around the Christmas tree
9. Santa Clause Lane - Hilary Duff
10. White Christmas.

Well there is my top 10 list.

Let me know in the comment below what your favourite christmas are.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Thanks for reading todays post.

See you tomorrow.

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