What I got for Christmas - 2015

10:52:00 PM

I love reading and watching 'What I got for Christmas' blog posts and videos. So I thought I would make my own.

The reason why it's late is because I got some money for Christmas and I decide to buy some things online. The last item just arrived today.

So here we go.

From my parents I got this Taylor Swift collection

This Chi Chi make up kit

And also my main present was the iphone 6s in rose gold (But I got it before Christmas cause my other phone died)

My aunty knows how much I love Taylor Swift so her present to me was a Taylor themed present

From my grandmother (Mums side) I got chocolates and Money

From my grandmother (Dads side) I got these adorable make up cases, money and the penguin cookie jar

My uncle got my mum dad and I a bottle of wine but I wasn't able to take a photo because I left it at the caravan.

These next things are what I brought with some of my christmas money

I still have more christmas money so if I buy anything else I will most likely post it on Instagram (@danii906 )

Well Thanks for reading.

Let me know in the comments what you got for Christmas.

Until next time

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