Fuller House

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So if you grew up in the late 80s early 90s you most likely watched Full house. I loved watching it growing up. The show came out three years before I was born so I basically grew up with the show.  So as you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were reviving the show and making 'Fuller House'.

I basically binge-watched the whole season of Fuller House yesterday and can I say I loved it. But the ending got me thinking that they could be making more episodes in the near future.

Warning : A few spoilers

The show is based on the lives of D,J , Stephanie and Kimmy.

I love how in the first episode the whole cast came back. It was so great to see how everyone had grown.

Here are some gifs of my favourite parts of the season.

These subtle moments about Mary-Kate and Ashley not being in the show



The dance moves 

This dance scene to new kids on the block.

And Finally these scenes

Other stand out moments.

Stephs news just broke my heart.
I loved the scene where Kimmy kissed Stephanie, I could not stop laughing at that scene.
Steve and DJ singing Ghost
The split screen flinstones melody

The kids are so funny especially Max he has to be my favourite aswell as Ramona

I also loved the return of the catch phrases

Uncle Jesse's Have Mercy
Stephanie's How Rude
DJ's Oh mylanta
and last is Joeys cut it out

There were so many other scenes that I loved but this post would be so long if i mentioned everything.
Overall I loved the season and I really hope they come out with a second season. I also hope Mary-kate and Ashley will make show up in the second season if there is one.

Have you watched fuller house? What did you think of it?

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