My Christmas Wishlist

12:55:00 AM

Hey there lovelies,

The Christmas season is among us and today I'm going to show you my top tens items on my Christmas list.

After you read mine maybe share in the comments the things you will want this Christmas.

1. Makeup.
2. Books.
3. Clothes.
4. Gift Cards.
5. Money.
6. Lollies.
7. DVDs
8. Notebooks.
9. Chocolate.
10. Itunes gift cards.

The last item I have to add is for my family and friends to be happy and healthy, We had a really tough year this year, Let's hope 2017 is so much better.

Anyway again leave what you want for Christmas in the comments below.

Also, I know I said on Twitter that I was going to do Blogmas this year but a lot of stuff got in the way but I do have a couple of posts that I will be posting this week.

2017 will be a better year for this blog I will most likely be posting once or twice a week.

Anyway, that's all for today. We went and saw some Christmas lights on Saturday night so I will be making a blog post about that either tomorrow or the next day.

xx D

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