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Hey there lovelies,

If you guys are anything like me you love instagram. It's one of my favourite apps.

So when Printiki contacted me asking me to review their photo printing service I just couldn't say no. I was so excited to turn my digital photos into memories. I was given 30 square prints, I got to choose whether I wanted a retro border or not, I loved the retro border because they look like polaroids. I was also able to put some text underneath the picture.

The pictures came out amazing. They are so beautiful and look like really polaroids. 

Printiki offers a service where you can print photos directly from your phone and have the prints sent to your home.
I love taking photos especially because I love to travel, So I thought I would choose a lot of my travel photos plus a few of my dog and my family. 

I also chose a few ways to display them. I haven't figured out which display I like a lot but here are some suggestions

I also decided to put some of my smaller polaroids in the middle and I really like the way it looks

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Check out the Printiki Instagram Page.

Until next time

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  1. Love this! Such a great & easy DIY! I would love if you could also check out my new blog too: x