Skinny Pop Popcorn

9:39:00 PM

Hello there lovelies,

I am back with another fun post.

Considering it's winter here at the moment in Australia, my favourite thing to do is sit in front of the heater with a blanket and popcorn watching a movie.

What better way to enjoy a movie with the perfect drink and popcorn combo?! SkinnyPop has created the ultimate cocktail and popcorn pairing. I was totally onboard to see which ones I would try.

After going through all these posts I would have to say that my favourites would have to be Aged white cheddar, which would be paired with blackberry smash, and the second one would be Naturally sweet, which is paired with White Peach Sangria. 

The reason I chose these were because I love sweet popcorn and i love peaches so I think this combination would taste amazing. 

The reason I chose the aged white cheddar and the blackberry smash is because I feel the fruit would taste amazing with the cheddar flavour. 

So there you have it. 

I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know in the comments below which one you would like to try. 

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