I'm doing Blogmas

6:56:00 PM

Hello there lovelies,

I have decided to do blogmas this year.

What is Blogmas you may ask? Well, Blogmas is similar to vlogmas over on youtube where you post everyday from December 1st until Christmas. It must be Christmas related which might include: your favourite Christmas recipes , or songs etc.

There is a lot happening this December.

Also, I feel bad that I havent blogged alot this year. My mum's cancer has flared up so she has been getting treatment and been in and out of hospital. So its been a very tough year. Hopefully, 2018 will be better.

Well anyway, the first few posts will probably be gift guides because it's better to get the gifts out of the way early. Like we have. Online shopping is the best thing ever.

I will post some of my favourite websites to buy gifts from etc.

So stay tuned first post coming December 1st.

I also have the NYX calendar so I will be taking a photo each day of me opening the windows and showing whats inside.


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