Hello Im Dani  and trying to find my place in this world. I  would love to pursue a career as a writer.  I will be blogging about everything and anything Fashion , music , movies , tv shows anything i feel like blogging about :) I also do some travelling so i will be posting sort of like diary entries on what i did while on my holiday. 

Here are some questions that are frequently sent to me.

What made you come up with the blog name? 

The name Frangipani Goddess was actually chosen by my mum. I wanted a name with the word frangipani in it because I love those flowers and while i was in QLD we had a tree right in front of our apartment. And mum came up with the Goddess part. 

What camera do you use to take your photos?

I used to use either my iphone 5 or my dads iphone 6 but we recently just brought a new camera its an Olympus sp 100ee its just like a dslr and I love it so much.

xx Danii